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Investment Management

  • Independent research
  • Rules-based risk mitigation framework
  • Active and tactical portfolio management
  • Direct access and communication between clients and their portfolio manager
  • Customized investment strategies coordinated with income tax planning

Financial Planning

A financial plan is a complex undertaking that, when done correctly, provides a blueprint for working towards financial security. Our talented team of financial advisors includes CFP ®.

Our team:

  • Helps you develop a financial vision.
  • Guides you through life stages and life events, including wealth accumulation, saving for college, business succession, and retirement planning and wealth distribution.
  • Offers a custom, not off-the-shelf, solution.

Holistic Financial Planning – $1,000 – $15,000 per engagement

 Life Transition Planning

No matter where you are on your life path, decision making now will enhance the outcomes down the road. Our professionals know the questions to ask, the sensitivities to consider, and the steps and options to take next.

Loss of Spouse

Sometimes the weight of grief is equal only to the weight of financial considerations that accompany a loss. Important next steps can include financial decision making and the need to rebuild to provide an income stream. At Dakoré Wealth, we seek to have couples and families consider all potentials in their future to be ready.

Sale of a Business

Selling a business may be the moment you’ve worked toward, or it may come as the result of considered succession planning. It may also come as the result of other events in your life. Whether the impetus, being ready for the next steps – including managing your proceeds – requires expert planning and coordination with your other financial professionals.

Career Change

Whether you have decided to follow a long-held dream, are making a change during retirement, or are experiencing a shift in your profession, financial flexibility is key to your next set of important experiences. Many of our clients achieve their visions and turn avocations in vocations. We can help you plan for the expected and unexpected.


We help clients develop a financial plan and income strategy that can take them forward. We work with them to have an understanding of their financial assets and to be ready to look to the future. We believe having an investment manager with whom you can speak honestly also makes a difference.

Care for Elder Relatives

Caring for aging relatives can be challenging. Thoughtful financial planning can help. We are experienced in wealth management and financial planning to balance the needs of multiple generations. Responsible financial planning is designed to help you keep your equilibrium during these important phases of life.

Special Needs

Illness, of yourself or a family member, emergencies that happen, changes in your life of all kinds – Dakoré Wealth understands the stresses and corresponding needs to have a backup plan. We keep in mind when evaluating your investment plan and help you prepare.

All services are offered through an affiliated sub-advisor relationship with Dakota Wealth, LLC.

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