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Our Story

The foundation of Dakoré Wealth is a decades-long relationship of collaboration and respect between Charles Mullen and Carina Diamond. As trusted advisors in their respective fields of public accounting and wealth management, Chuck and Carina’s paths intertwined for many years. As Chairman of Apple Growth Partners, an award-winning accounting and business advisory firm in Northeastern Ohio, Chuck determined that his firm’s clients would greatly benefit from the highest expertise in wealth management, in close coordination with tax and business planning.
For more than 76 years, Apple Growth Partners has been committed to helping grow local businesses. It is a natural extension to offer wealth management services to plan for prosperity for future generations of Apple Growth Partners’ clients.
Carina Diamond and her Akron team will serve the clients of Apple Growth Partners through Dakoré Wealth. Carina, along with her partners Patrick Hahn and Peter Augustin, will be Investment Advisor Representatives under Dakoré Wealth, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).

Charles Mullen and Carina Diamond

Vision and Mission Statement

  • Empowering. Approachable. Practical.
  • Guidance to respect and honor your hard work.
  • Your family’s advocate for financial sustainability.


  • We are committed to transparency. As a fiduciary, we must act in your best interest. We must disclose all material information you need in order to make an informed decision about investment options. We fully document the investment strategy used and have ongoing discussions about your risk tolerance.
  • We build relationships holistically, meaning that your goals, life experiences, relationships and wealth all matter. Your wealth is not just financial, it is considered within the context of your life.
  • Individuals, couples, families and foundations all receive the benefit of our experience and care. We help all clients focus on their individual financial needs and prepare specific action plans for themselves. The financial well-being of women is a specialty at Dakoré Wealth.

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